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      June 2021

      Gas Cooler Series TC-Mini with Modbus RTU communication protocol

      Digitalization in the industrial environment continues to progress rapidly, which is why Buehler Technologies will offer the TC-MINI sample gas cooler

      with the more advanced Modbus RTU communication protocol as an option.

      The connection is made physically via an RS485 (2-wire) interface.

      The process controller can access process and diagnostic data as well as configure settings in the device configuration via the Modbus RTU communication protocol.










      July 2020

      New Model of evaluation unit 

      Old version of evaluation units LB 440 series, are replaced with a new ones LB470.

      These new models have a large and comfortable touch screen, with display of all parameters in one screen.

      Extended and accessible menu with full diagnostics of the system.

      These new models come to replace all the old units for Level, Belt Weight and Density measurement applications.











      March 2019

      DuoSeries LB 470 is the radiometric level 
      measurement from Berthold
       in true 2-wire technology, which is now also available with radiation interference detection (RID).


      If you want to continue measuring despite impending external radiation, then the "LB470RID" version is the right choice. The measurement continues without interruption, even if external radiation is present. The detector changes over to a second measuring channel and continues the measurement without error. This patented process makes the system particularly reliable. RID has been field tested for many years. In the new LB 470 series, operation with RID has been made significantly more user-friendly, making system calibration fool-proof!  

      buehler-product.png September 2018

      We are pleased to introduce the precooler PC1 . 

      It is applied as a small passive cooling level upstream from the main cooler.



       * High precooling output (up to approx. 40 W or 140 kJ/h / 133 Btu/h)

       * Low SO2 washout (complies with EN 15267)

       * Optional with acid meter connection 








       June 2018

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      January 2018

      New pH Sensors with Solid Polymer Reference

      A new range of pH sensors for harsh industrial applications has been launched by Broadley-James 

      Corporation. Featuring the Permalyte® Solid Polymer Reference the sensors have an open junction that eliminates cloggin. Ideal for difficult industrial measurements with high solids content or oxidising agents.The solid polymer reference solves the most common failure mode for conventional pH sensors where the reference junction becomes clogged. By eliminating the porous junction completely the sensor can operate where conventional pH sensors would normally fail.


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      May 2017

      New MONOline models with build in Clearly visible flashing LED beacon alarm.

    • March 2017

    • February 2017


    • January 2017

      New Gas Sample Cooler TC-Double+.

      TC-Double+: washout optimized

      Low washout effects

      One gas path

      Duran glass or PVDF heat exchanger

      Dew point stability 0.1°C

      Suitable for AMS according to EN15267-3

    • December 2016

      Peristaltic condensate pumps CPsignal, CPdouble versions

      with ATEX 2, IECEx and Cl.1 Div.2 approval.  


    • September 2016

      First 3D Gas detection simulator from KIMESSA. 

      * What is the purpose of a gas monitoring system?

      * What must be taken into account when planing a gas detection  system?

      * What happens when a gas monitoring system is misinterpreted?

      Prehaps you have had similar thoughts and would like to increase your knowledge about gas detection systems.

      Visit our showroom and immerse yourself inthe world of gas detection technology ! Either on the 40" display console or completley in 3D by means of virtual reality glasses. 

      The first 3D gas detection simulator explains in a fun way how a gas detection system functions and system design criteria during its palnning.

    •  August 2016

      Differential humidity measurment and ventilation control. 


    • July 2016

      Remote Air Quality and Environmental Monitor !!!

      The AQM Series Remote Particle Counter and Environmental Monitor measures 0.3 µm to 25 µm particles with mass concentration and stores indoor air quality. Measurements of temperature, relative humidity, CO2, and TVOC in the 7302-AQM.

      This instrument is the most versatile remote Air Monitor available, with advanced power management and the industry’s first sleep mode, allowing for battery operation of periods that can exceed a month on a single charge.


    • May 2016

      New filter monitoring increases element economy !!!

      Monitoring the economical use of filter elements in hydraulic circuits will be eased remarkably through the new series of capacity indicators VSA 24, which are ready to launch by Bühler technologies, a leading manufacturer of components for power packs.


    • May 2016

      Plug & Play Smart Optical DO Sensor



    • April 2016

      Single Gas Monitor—an easy-to-use, zero-maintenance gasdetection solution that delivers high performance in a small,ergonomically designed package. It is available in oxygen,carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulfide single gas models.Once activated, the Protégé ZM monitor does notrequire charging or calibration so these monitors canbe deployed in the field 24 hours a day, every day fortwo years, maintenance and hassle free. The H2S and COmodels include a hibernate feature which allows you toextend your battery life up to one additional year.






    • March 2016



    • February 2016

      New Generation Multi Parameter Meter.

      Multi Function Water Quality Meter.




    • January 2016

      New Generation CO2 Gas Detector

      KIMESSA {Switzerland} have recentlay lunched a new 

      best of breed CO2 monitoring solution.



    • January 2016

      New Generation Smart Gas Detector

      KIMESSA {Switzerland} are pleased to announce their new ‘Smart’ Ex Gas Detector (ATEX & IECEx) for a wide range of combustible or toxic gases. Ex certified for IR, Catalytic, Electrochemical and Semiconductor sensors, featuring a built-in Zener barrier for the Ex ia toxic gas version. Low range toxic gas sensors may be incorporated to monitor for PH3,HCHO, BR2, Hbr, F2, H2O2, SO3, etc

      IECEx-Certificates for all ATEX detectors.



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      December 2015

      New Gas Monitor is released

      MONOline 407 for detection of Oxygen O2.



    • Decmber 2015

      New simple Webserver CWS 101 "Easylog".

      A simple Webserver which visualizes and logs data for gas concentration and gas alarms. The configuration is will be done automatically from the CANline monitor, so no skills are necessary to set-up such a webserver.