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      September 2021

      “Tailor made” solutions

      Oriontech Engineering are providing solutions for gas concentration 

      measurements as per customer requests.

      Our solutions are based on a different types of measuring cells that 

      are implemented with a different technologies. 

      We have recently provided a number of systems for measuring 

      CO2 (high & low concentrations); C2H6O; O2; CH4; CH3OH

      The systems will be used by the customer for research and development needs, 

      they are built according to the requirement and needs of a given application.





      August 2021

      Another series of CO2 detectors made by the Swiss company 

      KIMESSA were supplied to a cooling rooms store.

      These detectors have proven to be the most effective and 

      reliable in cold storage applications.

      One success leads to the next one and leaves all competitors aside.

      In view of the global problem of shortage of integrated circuits, we meet the targets 

      of delivery times and deliver our products on time.

      Another series of these detectors will be provided to a satisfied customer 

      towards the end of the month.




      July 2021

      A low gas pressure warning system was installed in an analytical laboratory 

      at one of our customers.

      The system is based on pressure transmitters made by Siemens. In this system, explosion-proof transmitters for explosive gases and transmitters for inert gases were installed.

      This system allows the customer to replace gas cylinders in a timely manner, without having to stop supplying the gases to metering systems. 








      July 2021

      Annual conference of the Israeli Fermentation Association

      Oriontech Engineering sponsored an annual conference of the Israeli Fermentation Association, which held on July 8th  through the ZOOM system.

      At the conference, leading scientists in the field of biotechnology spoke and discussed innovations in the field and the development of the industry.

      Oriontech Engineering provides this industry with a wide range of analytical equipment, upgrades fermentation systems and provides technical support to equipment users.








      June 2021

      A worldwide virtual sales meeting which took place on 9th & 10th of June, and in which were presented Berthold’s new team players  and new reps worldwide.

      Were presented the strategy, market potential, new applications and success stories.

      Meetings of this kind contribute knowledge shearing, new ideas and applications and promoting the success of the systems.









      June 2021


      The 9033X Sodium Analyzer used in a variety of ultrapure water application.

      Measuring point is in a boiler system for online sodium measurement.

      The Waltron 9033X Sodium Analyzer comes with true fully automatic calibration 

      and offers many benefits in terms of ease-of-use and increased functionality.







      May 2021


      New GC for VOC’s was implemented at one of the gas production plant.

      This GC has a high measurement performance and included new futures 

      for simple and user-friendly operation.



      May 2021

      Additional NMR system was startup and commissioned at the customers plant.

      This is a unique system in the world that performs continuous measurements of fuel products, in the fastest time a series of parameters measurement is obtained.










      April 2021


      Dew Point and Temperature analyzers for continuous measurement by Michell Instruments.

      This system included a data acquisition system with monitoring and data logging.

      The system was built in according with a customer request.


      February 2021


      Oriontech Engineering supplied 20 units of Oxygen transmitters as a first part of a project for process safety O2 monitoring.

      These INSTRA TRANS XD O2 transmitters were chosen as the most reliable and accurate systems from the choice the customer had.

      It is an IS, 2-wire transmitter, that can measure low ppm O2, as well as percentage levels, with fast response time and short recovered time.

      Following the success of the operation of these devices, Oriontech will provide more of these devices for the follow-up project.


      January 2021

      Standalone smart gas detectors from Riken Keiki

      Several dozen of gas detectors for different gases were 

      supplied to the Semi-conductor industry.

      These detectors has ‘Fully diagnostics’;  ‘Plug & play’ devices; Internal, 

      electronic controlled pump with self-flow adjustment correction.

      During the operation, these detectors were found to be more sensitive and accurate than the existing alternatives.

      Their low detection level range makes it possible to detect system leaks 

      at very early stages and raises the level of safety of work in front of production machines.





      December 2020

      Oriontech Engineering supplied several analyzers of the new EAGLE 2 model from RKI for different gas composition measurement.

      The EAGLE 2 is the solution for just about any portable gas monitoring situation.

      Equipped with features that are not available on competitive units, the EAGLE 2 is a powerful instrument that does more than just offer the standard confined space protection for LEL, O2, H2S and CO.

      The EAGLE 2 offers easy access to controls such as auto-calibration, alarm silence, demand zero, peak hold, and methane elimination.

      The EAGLE 2 available features include a PID sensor for detecting high or 

      low ppm levels (0-50 & 0-2,000) of VOC gases; % volume capability for CH4 and H2 using a 

      TC  (thermal conductivity) sensor; PPM or LEL hydrocarbon detection at the push of a button; infrared sensors for CO2 (ppm or % volume), methane or hydrocarbons in LEL and % volume ranges.

      For more information, please contact us.

      November 2020


      Oriontech Engineering was successfully installed and commissioned K-40 system for potassium content measurement.

      Potassium content measurement for the potash industry is one of the most difficult and challenging measurements in the mining industry.

      It is however essential in the potash production process.

      Potassium contains the radioactive isotope K-40. This isotope is only found in extremely small quantities in the ore itself.

      The detection of the K-40 requires an extremely sensitive and superior stable measurement system, which must be capable to suppress the

      inherent background radiation in order to obtain an optimal signal-to-noise ratio.

      Through the detection of K-40, the concentration of K2O or KCl can be measured.

      Berthold has the perfect solution for the challenging task providing accurate potassium measurements with the potassium analyzer LB 474.






       October 2020

      Upgrading gas detection system with a new generation of a smart gas detectors from DEGA.

      The third-generation evaluation controller is designed as a separate device,

      with the possibility of mounting on a wall or in a switchboard.

      It is used to supply up to 8 gas transmitters connected via RS485. Produced in compliance with standard SIL.

      The transmitter is a part of the gas detection system. Transmitters are

      located in monitored premises in which critical situations

      due to accumulation of flammable or toxic substances can occur.

      For each transmitter individually and as a whole, it evaluates the gas leakage in four levels and information

      about the failure of a given transmitter or the entire system.


      September 2020

      Innovate gas analyzers installed


      Oriontech Engineering implement new analyzers, using innovate  technologies during the upgrading of the online analytical equipment at the production processes.     

      With new advances in analytical instrumentation, process plants increasingly are using analyzers to help improve operational efficiencies for process control systems.

      An important part of using analyzer results in a process control system is understanding and trusting the data received from the analyzer.




      August 2020

      Another series of pH electrodes was supplied to the customer in 

      the pharmaceutical industry.

      Those pH electrodes are a great success thanks to their special properties, which are adapted to the biopharmaceutical processes, and have high quality and reliability.


      The Model F895 pH FermProbe® is built to withstand repeated 

      high temperature sterilization by pressurized steam.

      The Pg13.5 cap design provides for insertion and removal of the electrode from its housing.

      Each FermProbe is steam sterilized for one hour at 135°C before final QA tests in order 

      to insure the highest level of electrode reliability.

      All FermProbes have two built-in electrolyte chambers that act to protect and

      isolate the sensitive inner AgCl reference

      half-cell. This "double junction", dual chamber design effectively prevents the most common 

      failure modes of pH electrodes in biopharmaceutical applications.




      July 2020


      Gas detection alert system was installed at the production plant.

      The system is characterized as critical and warns of the gas leaks.

      These system alerts as a local alarm, as well as telephone line and wireless dialer using GSM & GPRS modem.










      June 2020

      Oriontech Engineering has won a tender to supply gas detectors for environmental monitoring for  urban infrastructure in the city of Tel Aviv.

      The range of detectors provided are made in the USA and Switzerland, which have proven themselves in industry in Israel and worldwide.

      These detectors are supposed to alert in case of 

      air pollution and thus maintain public health.

      This is another tender for those that Oriontech Engineering has long won, thanks to the quality of the product and the level of service, which we provide to customer satisfaction.






      May 2020

      Gas line monitoring system was installed in an Academic Research Institute.

      Oxygen content, Pressure and other parameters for continuous monitoring at the He supply line.













      August 2019

      The new AirSentry Model II  IMS for ammonia trace detection, most powerful tools on the semi market for airborne molecular contamination in clean room. 







      July 2019

      Startup and commissioning of additional Zirconium Oxygen analyzer.






      June 2019

      High performance, reliable online and portable analyzers are supplied to our customers to control the process production.




      October 2018

      Bühler Technologies celebrating "40 years of ATEX pumps"

      Quality is once again making history at Bühler Technologies.

      Bühler Technologies has now been a pioneering distributing and developing ATEX certified sample gas pumps for 40 years.

      A good time to highlight the successful development in this product segment and introduce the sample gas pump P 2.2 ATEX.


      October 2018

      Berthold’s Worldwide Sales Meeting took 

      place at Bad Kreuznach   





        June 2018






        June 2018

      ACHEMA is the world forum f or chemical engineering, process engineering and biotechnology. Every three years the worlds major fair for the process industry attracts around 4000 exhibitors from over 50 different countries to present new products, processes and services to 170000 professionals from all over the world. The spectrum ranges from laboratory equipment, pumps and analytical devices to packaging machinery, boilers and stirrers through to safety technology, materials and software, thus covering the entire needs of the chemical, pharmaceutical and 

      food production industries.

      It is the best opportunity as well for us, to meet our suppliers, to find new opportunities and solutions as per our customers request.

    • July 2017

      Seminar Siemens solutions for factories and industry.

    • April 2017

      Additional Sample Conditioning System passed the FAT procedures, 

      that included pressure test, leak test, functionality test and safety.

      These type of systems we are successfully supplying to our customers in

      China, US, Canada and Russia.

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      March 2017

      Participation in an Israeli Industrial Lot, forum in which was introduced our innovate complete solution for petroleum industry, based on NMR technology.

      This topic aroused great interest among the participants in the conference and during the discussion and explanations, 

      clarifications were given regarding the capabilities of the proposed systems.



    • February 2017

    • January 2017


      We are pleased to announce that Orion Tech was registries by the Registrar of Corporations as Oriontech Engineering Limited.

      As part of the expansion of our activities in the field of technical support and delivery systems from leading worldwide manufacturers, we will continue to provide to our customers the best service and suitable on demand solutions.


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       December 2016

        New products from Broadley James

        Hybrid™ Smart Sensors


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       July 2016

       As part of the providing service and technical support by Oriontech in   Israel and around the world, 

       recently we provided service to one of our customers in India.

       The service included upgrading of an analytical system, Periodical Maintenance and trainings.



    • June 2016

      We are glad to announce, that ORIONtech Engineering management system has been certified by the International Organization for Standardization –ISO, and registered by SII-QCD as conforming to the requirements of ISO 9001:2015



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         June 2016

         Big success with MONOline O2 gas detectors.

         Tens of the detectors will be provided during July 2016 after an successful pilot.

         The second part of the detectors will be provided during August 2016.

         The MONOline detectors are in great demand due to 

         reliable sensors, with a lifetime of 4 years, compact design, microprocessor 

         based detector and a 2 years warranty period.



    • May 2016 

      ORIONtech have successfully commissioned an analyzer analytical system at gas manufacturer plant.

      The system was designed and integrated according to a customer request and meet all the requirements.



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      December 2015

      Additional NMR system was successfully commissioned in China.