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         Our service team provides service and technical support for the 

         entire range of industries.

         Pharma, Chemistry, Semiconductors, Petrochemicals, Refining, 

         Maritime, Gas Manufacturers, and others.

         Our service personnel have extensive experience in the field of 

         analytical instrumentation, and undergo training in all the fields in 

         which we are engaged.


         Any time, any place we are ready to provide 

                                the required services to our customers!       





















         CEMS  Continues Environmental Monitoring Systems

         Oriontech Engineering provides and maintains analysis systems for 

         environmental monitoring.

         A number of systems of this type are installed throughout 

         the country and continuously and in real time monitors the 

         gas emissions from the chimneys.

         These systems are based on analyzers made by Siemens, 

         high-reliability, high-performance analyzers that include functions 

         such as automatic calibration and zero drift correction.

         The team of Oriontech Engineering provides services and technical 

         support to all the sites, and maintains these systems in such a way 

         that the fault time tends to zero.






          Fermenters for Biotechnology


          A new fermentation unit was supplied and implemented by       

          Oriontech Engineering at one of our 

          customers in the field of biotechnology industry.

          This fermenter is intended for growing bacteria, and will allow 

          the customer more extensive production of his products.

          This fermenter is one of the most advanced on the market 

          among the continuous systems.



      Analytical system to measure Natural Gas quality


      Analytical system to measure Natural Gas quality was supplied to Israeli Natural Gas company.

      The system is included analyzers for monitoring of the Water Dew Point and HC Dew Point.

      Two technologies are used – Chilled mirror and Laser.

      The analyzers were commissioned and 

      successfully put into the operation.

      These systems continuously monitor the process, and alert in the presence of a moist gas presence.


















      NMR system

      Complete NMR system was prepared and 

      sent to Czech Republic Oil Refinery.

      The system included NMR analyzer to analyze and 

      control the quality of crude oil products.

      Sample conditioning system, to bring to the 

      analyzer a representative process sample.

      Multi Stream System, to be able to measure several 

      streams with the same analyzer.

      All these systems were designed and build by 

      our engineers in our facilities.

      This technology for online measurement is unique in these sphere, proofed itself during the years of exploitation, 

      with many references worldwide.




      Integrated System for Process Oxygen monitoring


      Oriontech Engineering supplied integrated system for process gas quality monitoring.

      To perform high-quality analysis it is crucial that the analyzers will receive a representative, fast response, uncontaminated gas sample achieved through sample conditioning.

      Sample handling systems are essential for getting top performance from analyzers systems.

      To get the right sample system for the unique application, the customer should have a reliable, accurate, and low maintenance measurement system.

      Our application and service engineering teams possess the expertise to provide a comprehensive sample system designed and built for your specific situation.

      These analyzers are used to detect hazardous conditions and for monitoring the process condition.











          Trace Gas Analysis

         Upgrading analytical system for measuring traces in manufacturing 

         of He, Ar, and N2.

         The system included Gas chromatographs, NDIR and 

         plasma analyzers from the leading worldwide companies.  

         The process of replacing the equipment was carried out during the 

         continuous operation of the system, 

         without interrupting the operation of the facility.

         The equipment was  successfully  startup, commission and 

         putted in operation.



      Gas analysis in biogas plants


      We have the solution!

      Oriontech designed and built a Biogas monitoring system, which was adapted to the difficult process conditions.

      The system is based on ULTRAMAT 23 gas analyzer - NDIR cell (Methane measurement) and a Paramagnetic (Oxygen measurement) manufactured by Siemens and a sample treatment system based on items manufactured by the Buhler company.

      The solution given to the customer came to replace an existing system, which did not meet the difficult process conditions.

      The provided solution is based on years of experience and knowledge working with difficult and complex processes.

      The sets contain all -required components for the relevant application, from gas sampling to operator control and display units in a compact design.









      Emission Monitoring System


      Oriontech Engineering designed and manufactured a system for gas emission monitoring for an experimental system according to the customer's requirement, and adapted the system to his needs.

      The system was commissioned and putted to operation to customer satisfaction. Thanks to the results obtained from the system, the customer received a clear picture of what is going on in the experimental processes, thus making it possible to advance the project. Our technical personal continue to accompany the client with his experiments and provide the technical support, required to advance the experiments.





      Multistream ppb level Ammonia analyzer


      Oriontech Engineering has implemented an upgrading system to monitor a multipoint traces of Ammonia 

      in Semiconductor manufacturer.

      The upgrading included a new model of IMS analyzer 

      and Multi-stream control unit.  

      The Deep Ultraviolet (DUV) lithography process has proven to be especially sensitive to many types of molecular level contaminates. 

      Ammonia, and acid gases are known to create 

      problems throughout the fab.                     

      The development of improved DUV Resist materials and long-life filters has not lessened the need for continuous real-time monitors, in fact it has made the measurement of airborne contaminants critically important.

      The new AirSentry Model II  IMS for ammonia trace detection, most powerful tools on the semi market for airborne molecular contamination in clean room. 

      The design system allowed a Multipoint Area Monitoring which sequentially draws gas to an analyzer and reads the concentration.







      Calorific value in Natural gas analyzers

      A series of analyzers to measure the calorific value of natural gas will be installed at one of the power stations.

      Oriontech’s  team will perform the installation and commissioning at the first stage. As a second stage, additional systems will be upgrade as well.


      The Elster GasLab Q2 is a real-time natural gas analyzer. It determines the heating value, Wobbe index and other parameters in natural gas.

      The applications of the device range from fiscal energy metering to measurement, control, and regulation.

      The flameless device measures quickly, continuously, and safely the quality of gas.

      The correlative measuring principle of the GasLab Q2 is based on the determination of infrared absorption and thermal conductivity of the gas to be analyzed.




      Additional Sample Conditioning System passed the 

      FAT procedures, that included

      pressure test, leak test, functionality test and safety.

      These type of systems we are successfully supplying to our customers

      in China, US, Canada and Russia.


      Various Analyzer systems by customers needs.


      Designing planning and manufacturing measuring systems for gas and liquid phase by customers needs.

    • dustmonitoring.png

         Bag filter monitoring with ProSense dust 

         measurement units were successfully 

         commissioned and implemented in to the process control.


    • tailermade.png

      Producing  ‘Tailor made’ analyzer enclosures with Exp protection according

      to ATEX and Hazloc directives.

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          Revamp and upgrading of existing analytical system.

          Recently was commissioned the system for 

          trace Oxygen measurement.

          This job included upgrading and replacing the analyzer, 

          to meet customers’ requirements.

          Revamp the existing Sample Handling System.

          Start up, commissioning and calibration of the system.

          The system was brought into the operation, 

          and works on customer satisfaction.


       The skid included flow control, fast and sampling loops and flashback sequencer.

       The system is protected with interlocks for over pressure, high temperature, other fill and min. level.

       The system was integrated into rheology measurement and successfully commissioned.


      Ammonia gas analysis system was successfully commissioned in a Greenhouse project for a new technology product manufacturing.

      The GDS-10-NH3 analyzer by ORIONtech was specially design according to the customer request and adapted to the process needs.

      The analyzer will allow precise control of the production, and will also allow a more clear picture about what is happening during the process.

      The success of the first unit would entail the application of additional units for entire production platform.